Pune: Amol Kolhe Takes a Swipe at Opponents: “Some People Don’t Like Me on a Horse” (Video)


Pune: Mahavikas Aaghadi candidate for Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency, Amol Kolhe, is campaigning by touring villages in his constituency. Today, he campaigned in Pargaon Tarfe Ale village by riding on a horse. At that time, he also hurled some political snares at his opponents. He was campaigning in Nimgaon Sawa, Sakori, and then Pargaon Tarfe Ale village.

At this time, the villagers of Pargaon Tarfe Ale village welcomed Amol Kolhe by throwing flowers at him through the JCB. Similarly, they also took a precession march of Amol Kolhe by sitting him on the horse. While speaking at this time, Amol Kole said, “Some people do not like it if I sit on a horse,” taking jabs at his opponents.

Villagers of Pargaon Tarfe Ale took part in a procession rally for Amol Kolhe. At that time, Shiv Sena leaders Mauli Khandagale and Bhaskar Gadge also accompanied Kolhe on horseback. Earlier, Amol Kolhe took part in a big public rally at Sakori before participating in a horse-riding procession in Pargaon Tarfe Ale village.

Amol Kolhe first came to the limelight after he campaigned for himself by sitting on horseback in the 2019 election against Aadhalrao Patil. At that time, he also promised people that he would be the first to drive the Bullock cart once the ban on it was lifted. Accordingly, he fulfilled his promise after the court removed it.

During the Mane Yatra at Nimgaon Khandoba in Khed taluka, Kolhe kept his promise and drove the bullock cart. After that, approximately 2 years later, people from Shirur also stood behind Amol Kolhe.

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