Pune: Amol Kolhe Targets NCP-Ajit Pawar Group Over Internal Party Murmur


Pune: In the wake of the Lok Sabha elections, many leaders from the Nationalist Congress Party are internally expressing their displeasure over the undue interference of the BJP in their party affairs. Amidst this, there have been discussions in the state that a large group of Ajit Pawar’s MLAs and leaders are upset over the recent seat-sharing in the Lok Sabha election, in which the NCP was only given five seats.

While speaking with the media, Dr. Amol Kolhe talked about this issue today. Kolhe said, “Though it is their internal party issue, I feel it is quite obvious for any leaders or workers to feel such displeasure. Because the leadership, which once could decide 23 seats, is now only given four seats. Therefore, it is natural that workers and leaders are confused, thinking, If this is the situation in the Lok Sabha, then what will be the situation at the time of the Vidhan Sabha?”

Kolhe further said, “Similarly, there is a picture of a decline in Mahayuti’s seats in the Lok Sabha elections. The recently held opinion polls of some news channels suggested that Ajit Pawar is not getting any seats in the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, in the four seats that have been given to the NCP, led by Ajit Pawar, they have to nominate one member of their family to one seat and the party state president to another. While, in the remaining two seats, they need to import candidates. Therefore, looking at all this, it is very natural for their leaders and workers to get anxious.

Now, if the internal murmur of the NCP does not stop at the right time, it is said that it can hamper the Mahayuti alliance in the recent Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections. As there are rumours about NCP leaders’ displeasure, it will be interesting to see how the NCP will react to it.

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