Pune Cantonment News | Incessant Rains Expose Danger: 100 Houses Declared Unsafe in Pune Cantonment
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Pune: Pune Cantonment News | The unrelenting monsoon rains have once again brought to light the precarious state of numerous old and dilapidated houses in the Pune Cantonment area, posing a grave risk to life and property. Concerned by the looming threat, the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) took proactive measures by conducting a comprehensive survey to assess the safety of buildings in the region.

The survey results were alarming, as it revealed that a staggering 100 houses were deemed dangerous and susceptible to collapse. In a bid to avert any potential tragedies, the authorities swiftly intervened, permitting minor repairs for houses that were structurally salvageable. However, for those dwelling in severely compromised structures and those who wish to rebuild entirely, stringent procedures for obtaining construction permissions have been put in place.

The Cantonment areas have always been subject to construction restrictions, with no allowance for increased Floor Space Index (FSI) for new developments. This limitation has resulted in limited scope for comprehensive reconstruction, further exacerbating the issue of deteriorating buildings. Moreover, unresolved disputes between landlords and tenants have further compounded the problem, leading to a state of neglect and disrepair in many houses.

Tragically, just a few days ago, a fatal incident occurred when the roof of a house collapsed, claiming a precious life. This heart-rending incident served as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the perilous condition of houses in the Cantonment.

The situation has left many tenants in a state of distress, as they fear eviction and the loss of their rights if they vacate the hazardous premises. As a result, they are living in constant fear within unsafe living conditions. In light of these concerns, both homeowners and tenants are being earnestly advised to take immediate action. They are being urged to report any structural issues to the authorities and to promptly undertake repairs, or in extreme cases, to vacate the premises temporarily until proper remedial measures are taken.

The safety and well-being of citizens are paramount, and the Pune Cantonment Board is committed to ensuring the protection of life and property. Nevertheless, the challenge of addressing dangerous houses in the Cantonment area is not a simple task, given the prevailing constraints on construction.

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