Pune: Chain Snatching Spree Grips Pune: Two Incidents Reported in Vadgaon Budruk and Narhe on Tuesday


Pune: In the wake of escalating instances of chain snatching plaguing Pune city, two distressing incidents came to light on Tuesday, March 5, further amplifying concerns over the safety of residents. The brazen acts of theft unfolded in Vadgaon Budruk and Narhe, where unsuspecting women fell victim to audacious snatchers, resulting in the loss of valuable gold ornaments.

The first incident occurred in Vadgaon Budruk, where a 66-year-old woman was ambushed while walking along a road near Canal Road. Startlingly, two assailants on a two-wheeler swiftly approached her, snatching her gold chain before hastily fleeing the scene. The shaken victim promptly reported the incident at Sinhagad police station. Police Inspector Kiran Lite is conducting further investigation into the case.

In a chillingly similar incident that same day, Narhe witnessed another brazen act of chain snatching. A 45-year-old woman, out for a routine morning walk, was ruthlessly accosted by an unidentified assailant who callously pushed her from behind. Seizing the opportunity, the perpetrator made off with the victim’s mangalsutra, valued at Rs 40,000, leaving her stunned and shaken.

The incident has sparked outrage among locals and heightened concerns about the safety of pedestrians in the area. Police Sub-Inspector Ashok Sanas has taken charge of the investigation.

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