Pune Chandni Chowk Flyover | Final Stages of Chandni Chowk Flyover and Road Project Nearing Completion


Pune Chandni Chowk Flyover | The construction of the flyover and road at Chandni Chowk is rapidly approaching its completion, with Collector Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh emphasizing the need for timely completion. The project director reported that approximately 95 percent of the work has been finished, and the aim is to finalize the project by July or August 2023.


Significant progress has been made in the installation of girders at Chandni Chowk, with 25 out of 32 girders already in place. To inspect the ongoing flyover and road construction carried out by the National Highway Authority, Collector Dr. Deshmukh visited NDA Chowk (Chandni Chowk) on Tuesday. The event was attended by National Highway Authority of India Project Director Sanjay Kadam, Project Manager Srinivas, Project Coordinator Kishore Bharekar, NHAI Consultant Engineer Bharat Todkari, and Security Officer Kundan Kunal, among others.


During the visit, Collector Dr. Deshmukh assessed the progress of the flyover and road works at Chandni Chowk alongside National Highways Authority officials. Dr. Deshmukh acknowledged the significance of Chandni Chowk in terms of traffic flow in Pune, as it serves as a major intersection with five different routes. He noted that a significant portion of the project has been completed in the past year. However, issues such as land acquisition delays, the relocation of service channels, legal disputes, and local encroachments have posed challenges. Dr. Deshmukh instructed the team to focus on the installation of girders, with plans for the flyover’s inauguration scheduled for the following month.


Progress Report: 25 Girders Installed Out of 32

The construction of the column beam under the Vehicular Overpass (VOP) has been successfully accomplished. Out of the total 32 girders on the service road on both sides, 25 girders have been installed. On the main road, five out of nine girders have been completed, and work on the remaining girders is currently underway. The slab construction for four spans of the service road has been completed, while similar works on the main road are also in progress.


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