Pune Civic Administration Initiates Massive Clean-up Drive to Tackle Water Hyacinth Menace


Pune: The recent proliferation of water hyacinth in the riverbeds of Keshavnagar and Mundhwa areas posed a severe threat to the local riverine ecosystem, transforming the river waters into playgrounds for these invasive plants. Compounding the issue, the abundance of water hyacinth led to a surge in mosquito and insect populations, exacerbating the environmental challenges faced by these regions.

In response to this pressing concern, the civic administration issued an order for the removal of water hyacinth from the affected areas. A concerted effort ensued, with the deployment of five JCBs, three spider machines, four boats, and thirty workers to facilitate the eradication of the invasive plant species. As a result of these efforts, the rivers in the vicinity heaved a collective sigh of relief, liberated from the clutches of water hyacinth infestation.

The problem of water hyacinth was not limited to Keshavnagar and Mundhwa alone but also plagued areas such as Katraj, Pashan, Jambhulkar Lake, and the Mula Mutha River. With each passing year, the proliferation of water hyacinth posed a growing threat to the ecological balance of these regions. The ongoing construction of a bridge in the riverbed of Kalyani Nagar by the Pune Municipal Corporation further compounded the issue, leading to an unprecedented surge in water hyacinth growth this year.

Commissioner Vikram Kumar, recognising the gravity of the situation, personally inspected the affected areas and issued directives for the immediate removal of water hyacinth using four times the usual machinery. Responding to the call to action, the Pune Municipal Corporation launched a massive clean-up drive, deploying additional resources to combat the invasive plant species.

Following the successful completion of the cleanliness drive, a palpable sense of relief has descended upon the once beleaguered areas. The menace of mosquitoes and insects has abated, bringing respite to residents in Keshavnagar, Mundhwa, Jackwell, Godrej Bridge, and adjoining areas spanning 1.5 kilometres.

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