Pune Court On Alimony | After divorce from first husband, woman’s plea seeking alimony from second husband rejected by court
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PUNE : Pune Court On Alimony | A court has rejected the alimony plea of a woman staying separately from her second husband after divorce from her first husband. However, the woman’s second husband has been directed to pay ₹15,000 per month for the child’s upbringing.


The orders were issued by JMFC SV Nimse. The petitioner had lodged a complaint of domestic violence against her husband, in-laws and sister-in-law in the Pune court in 2021. She had made a demand in the application that she should get alimony for her and her son’s maintenance.


The petitioner and her husband are staying separately. However, neither the woman nor her husband have made an application seeking divorce. Meanwhile, the woman has made an application seeking alimony. However, her husband’s lawyer pointed out that the woman is earning the same salary as her husband and she had got ₹25 lakh after her divorce from her first husband. Despite this, she is still seeking alimony. The husband does not have any problem paying money for the son’s upbringing.


JMFC SV Nimse, after hearing the husband’s lawyer’s arguments, verified all the information. Later, he rejected the woman’s alimony plea. However, he issued an order that she should be paid ₹15,000 per month for her son’s upkeep.



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