Pune Crime | Criminal selling adulterated toddy detained for one year; CP Amitabh Gupta acts against 57 people under MPDA
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Pune : Policenama onlinePune Crime | A strong action of detention for a year has been taken under MPDA Act for one year against criminal Anil Venkatesh Bhandari (25), a resident of Giriraj Chowk, Sutarwadi, Pashan who was illegally selling chemically adulterated toddy. Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta has taken action against 57 people under the MPDA Act.


Anil Bhandari has been detained in Aurangabad jail for a year under the MPDA Act. The accused is a criminal on record and there are four cases against him for selling adulterated toddy along with his friends at Chatuhshrungi police station and Pune city. Because of his actions, there is a threat to the life, property and health of local residents. There was also a question of law and order in a public area. Since the criminal had terrorised people in the area, no one was ready to complain against him.


CP Amitabh Gupta checked the proposal and the documents and gave orders to take action of detention of one year against Bhandari. Senior Police Inspector Rajkumar Waghchaure and senior Police Inspector Vaishali Chandgude took this action.


The CP has taken action of detention of one year against 57 people. The police said that such action will be taken against notorious and active criminals.


The Pune police have decided to take strong action against criminals and action is being taken by various methods like MCOCA, externment and detention.


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