Pune Crime News | Convict spends seven years in jail even after being granted bail; Failure to fulfil bail conditions proves costly
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PUNE: Pune Crime News | Suraj Rakesh Thapa, a Nepali youth who had been arrested as he was about to commit a dacoity, spent six years and 10 months in jail despite being granted bail. The public protection office of the Pune District Legal Services Authority (PDLSA) had filed an application and Thapa was released. The ruling was given by Sessions Judge DV Kashyap.

Thapa had been arrested as he was about to commit a dacoity. After being remanded in judicial custody, he had applied for bail. The court granted him bail. However, Thapa had not fulfilled some of the conditions while being given bail. Hence, he spent six years, 10 months and 13 days in jail. After the public protection office of PDLSA came to know about Thapa, efforts were made to ensure his release. Ad NH Shaikh and Madan Kurhe of the public protection office had submitted an application in the court. During the hearing, Thapa admitted his crime. The court gave its ruling after considering the punishment and the time spent by Thapa in the jail.

Sonal Patil, Secretary of PDLSA, said, “Under the aegis of PDLSA, high quality legal service is provided to needy and deprived accused by the public protection office for free. Those accused who cannot afford to hire a lawyer will also be provided the service.”

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