Pune Crime News | Haveli Police Crack Down on Drunken Drivers after ‘Akhaad Parties’ at Sinhagad Road


Pune : Pune Crime News | In a bid to curb drunken driving incidents and ensure road safety, the Haveli Police has initiated strict action against individuals found driving under the influence of alcohol after attending ‘Akhaad Parties’ at Khadakwasla Dam Chowk on Sinhagad Road. Over the past few days, a total of 31 drunken drivers have been booked, marking a significant crackdown on this dangerous behavior. IPS Anmol Mittal, the Officer-in-Charge of Haveli Police Station, has affirmed that this operation will continue unabated.


The areas surrounding Khadakwasla, including Gorhe Budruk, Donje, Ghera Sinhagad, Gorhe Khurd, Khanapur, Malkhed, Nigde, Osade, Sonapur, Ambi, and Panshet, are home to numerous hotels, farmhouses, and resorts. Consequently, these locations often host ‘Akhaad Parties,’ drawing young men and women from various parts of the city. Unfortunately, the festivities frequently extend late into the night, leading to incidents of intoxicated individuals driving back home.


Such reckless behavior has resulted in numerous accidents, prompting the Haveli Police to take decisive action at Khadakwasla Dharan Chowk to prevent further mishaps. The police have adopted a zero-tolerance approach and are rigorously enforcing the law, ensuring that no drunk driver is spared. Even the Officer-in-Charge, IPS Anmol Mittal, personally oversees the operations to maintain their effectiveness.


During these operations, every driver found driving under the influence of alcohol, along with their companions, is subjected to scrutiny. Pleas for release are made to authorities or acquaintances, but no leniency is granted. Offenders are charged under Section 188 of the Penal Code and are booked for offenses under the Motor Vehicle Act.


The concerted efforts of the Haveli Police have resulted in a significant increase in the number of drunk drivers being held accountable for their actions. Consequently, late-night crowds at the Haveli Police Station have grown, as these operations continue to create a visible impact on the community.


IPS Anmol Mittal emphasizes that no exceptions will be made, and the police are committed to ensuring the safety of all citizens. He urges individuals who plan to indulge in alcohol to exercise responsibility by appointing designated drivers or arranging alternative means of transportation. The goal is to prevent accidents and safeguard the well-being of everyone on the roads.


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