Pune : Pune Crime News | The Pune City Police have been ordered to release the accused after the local court declared his arrest unconstitutional in a case involving threats made to Ministers Chhagan Bhujbal and Dhananjay Munde on Thursday.


It has been claimed that the police in this case did not arrest the accused in accordance with the law. The offender was granted bail on a bond of Rs 15,000 after the judges emphasized that proper procedure was not followed before the arrest.


In accordance with the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Bihar v. Arnesh Kumar, it is essential to serve a notice to the accused prior to initiating an arrest in a case carrying a sentence of seven years in jail. In addition, consent from the first-class judicial magistrate court is needed before conducting an investigation and making an arrest of an accused person in a non-cognizable offense. According to Adv. Sachin Salunkhe, the cops violated both of these protocols, making the arrest unlawful.


The court granted bail to the accused after hearing from both sides. It should be noted that Prashant Dasharath Patil, 24, a resident of Kolhapur, was detained by Pune Police in Mahad, Raigad. He was detained for threatening calls to NCP leaders and ministers Chhagan Bhujbal and Dhananjay Munde. Later, it was discovered that Patil had been drinking when he made the calls and had been upset about the two leaders joining the BJP-led cabinet alongside Ajit Pawar.


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