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Pune Crime News | Railway Security Seizes 57 kg of Ganja(Marijuana) from Konark Express

Pune Crime News | Railway Security Seizes 57 kg of Ganja(Marijuana) from Konark Express

Daund : Pune Crime News | In a series of operations by the Railway Security Force, a total of 57.2 kilograms of ganja (cannabis) was seized from the Bhubaneswar Konark Express over two consecutive days. The illegal substance was cleverly transported through empty bags, raising concerns about drug trafficking.

Police Inspector Vijay Kumar Solanki of the Daund Railway Security Force provided details about the incidents. Acting on received information about the transportation of cannabis, an inspection was conducted on the Konark Express, which operates between Bhubaneswar and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (Mumbai), at Daund railway station on the night of July 10.

During the inspection, two abandoned trolley bags were discovered under seat numbers 39 and 40 in coach S-5. After questioning the passengers in the coach, it was revealed that the bags were left behind. Upon opening the bags in the Sub Station Supervisor’s hall, a total of 33.8 kilograms of ganja was found.

On the following night, July 11, three empty sacks were found near the toilet in coach B-1 of the Konark Express. These sacks contained a total of 23.4 kilograms of ganja.

Under the guidance of Inspector Vijay Kumar Solanki, Deputy Inspector Femida Khan, along with Dilip Barve, Pradeep Goykar, Noor Sheikh, Kashinath Phulari, and Shri. Kengle, conducted these operations. The authorities are currently unaware of the individuals responsible for placing the ganja on the Konark Express or where it was intended to be unloaded. The crime and the seized cannabis have been registered with the Daund Lohmarg Police for further investigation.

This incident highlights the ongoing challenges posed by drug trafficking and the need for heightened security measures to curb such illegal activities. The authorities are working diligently to uncover the full extent of the operation and bring those responsible to justice.

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Pune Crime News | Railway Security Seizes 57 kg of

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