Pune Crime News | Unmasking the Reiki Robbers! Vishrantwadi Police’s Intensive Investigation Unravels the Hi-Profile Gang’s Secrets


Pune: Pune Crime News | In a significant breakthrough, the Vishrantwadi police successfully nabbed a notorious gang of inter-state hi-fi thieves, led by the infamous Panchakshari Swamy. The gang specialized in targeting locked houses, employing an unconventional method of Reiki to carry out their nefarious activities. Eight heinous crimes have been revealed by the arrested culprits, shedding light on their extensive criminal operations. The gang members identified as Panchakshari Sangayya Swamy, Naresh Vishnu Achyutgatla, Angad Valmiki Bandgar, Shawarsiddh Bharat Pujari, and Kalyanappa Malappa Indi were apprehended from different locations in Solapur. A staggering compensation of Rs 7 lakh 48 thousand was seized from their possession, further substantiating their involvement in multiple burglaries.

The police’s swift action was triggered by a tip-off received by Constables Sampat Bhosle and Prafulla More of the Vishrantwadi police station. The information pointed to three individuals acting suspiciously in Munjabawasti and planning a potential burglary. Acting swiftly, the police formed two teams and apprehended the suspects. During the operation, incriminating evidence such as cuttings and tools were seized from their possession. The commendable success of the operation was the result of the coordinated efforts of Police Sub-Inspector Lahu Satpute, Police Constables Deepak Chavan, Yeshamwat Karve, Staff Sampat Bhosle, Prafull More, Sandeep Devkate, and Shekhar Kharade under the guidance of Senior Police Inspector Dattatray Bhapkar and Bhalchandra Dhavale.

At the center of this sinister gang was Panchakshari Swamy, a seasoned criminal who had managed to evade the law on numerous occasions. An audacious house-breaking criminal, Swamy was known for his shrewd tactics and frequent travels by plane. His modus operandi involved flying from Mumbai to Hyderabad, where he targeted houses for burglary. His criminal record boasted of more than 150 cases, indicating the magnitude of his unlawful activities. Naresh Vishnu Achyutgatla, another member of the gang, had a criminal history with twenty to twenty-two cases filed against him. Similarly, Angad Valmiki Bandgar faced eight cases registered against him in Mumbai.

The investigations revealed that the gang members were skilled house robbers, and the modus operandi involved using Reiki to execute their crimes with precision. The seemingly unconventional technique of Reiki had allowed them to target locked houses with greater ease. In their exploits, Shawarsiddh Bharat Pujari, hailing from Solapur, played a crucial role. Operating a mess in Karvenagar, he was responsible for arranging all logistical aspects for the gang’s criminal activities in Pune.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the trio entrusted the stolen jewels to a priest, who subsequently handed them over to Saraf Indi of Solapur. This elaborate network of criminals had managed to elude the grasp of law enforcement agencies for far too long, but the diligence and perseverance of the Vishrantwadi police eventually led to their apprehension.

The successful busting of this inter-state hi-fi thief gang is a testament to the relentless efforts of the police force to maintain law and order. The police’s vigilant approach, supported by the timely tip-off, ensured the criminals were brought to justice swiftly. The arrest of Panchakshari Swamy and his gang is expected to bring relief to countless victims of their heinous activities.

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