Pune Crime News | Women's Safety at Risk: Disturbing Surge in Crimes Against Women in Pune
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Pune: Pune Crime News | Over the past two and a half years, the city of Pune has witnessed a series of disturbing incidents, including the stabbing of a female student in a classroom, the murder of a young girl involved in sports, and the killing of a woman while riding a bike. These incidents, along with 18 similar cases, have sparked concerns about women’s safety and highlighted the rise in crimes driven by unrequited love or the rejection of romantic advances.


Within the mentioned period, five young women have lost their lives to violent crimes, while one young woman tragically took her own life due to her suffering. Furthermore, there have been 13 reported cases of assaults on young women using machetes, knives, and other sharp weapons. One such incident occurred in February 2021, where a married woman was held captive for 14 days by an individual infatuated with her in the Kharadi area. In another incident in April 2021, a young woman and her friend were brutally beaten on a road in the Kothrud area. Most of these incidents have occurred in the suburbs of Pune. The easy accessibility of machetes in the city has contributed to their frequent use in crimes. Additionally, the influence of violent scenes featuring the use of “koyta” (a type of machete) in movies, particularly in southern films, appears to have an impact on the behavior of youth.


Threats and acts of violence have often followed young women’s rejection of romantic advances. In one case, a young woman ended a previous relationship and informed her boyfriend about it, who then threatened to kill her future husband if she married someone else. Another incident involved a young man relentlessly pursuing a woman for four years, despite her refusal to marry him. The young man went to the extent of threatening to harm her future spouse. A case has been registered in connection with this matter.


Addressing the Shift in Youth Mindsets

Recognizing the growing inclination of youth towards criminal activities, particularly those related to romantic relationships and women’s safety, the Pune city police, under the guidance of the Commissioner of Police and the Joint Commissioner, has launched the initiative “Yuva Vichar Parivartan” (Youth Thought Transformation). As part of this initiative, police personnel will interact with students in colleges to foster positive thinking and deter involvement in criminal behaviors.


Incidents of Homicide Resulting from Unrequited Love

A young woman’s suicide following prolonged harassment by a young man (March 2021)
The brutal murder of a 14-year-old athlete, stabbed 47 times in Bibvewadi (October 2021)
The killing of Shweta Ranawade in Aundh, followed by the accused’s subsequent suicide (November 2022)
The murder of a young woman’s husband in Yerawada (August 2022)
The murder of a woman on Bhar Road in Khadki (April 2023)
The killing of Darshana Pawar in Rajgad for refusing marriage proposal (June 2023)
Assaults on Young Women Stemming from Unrequited Love

Stabbing the girl’s father with a spear due to unrequited love (April 2021)
Stabbing a girl with a knife in the Chandannagar area (5 February 2022)
Stabbing a 10th-grade girl with


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