Pune Cyber Police | Police keeping watch on messages on social media; offenders can be jailed if necessary
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Pune : Policenama onlinePune Cyber Police | Nowadays, most of the people have smartphones and many of them use social media. Everyone is a member of some groups. At present, many instances of women being maligned on social media have come to light. Many complaints have been received by the Pune cyber police. The Pune cyber police have received 4,357 complaints in a year. Now, the police are keeping a close watch on the messages on social media. The police are keeping a close watch on those making vulgar and obscene comments. If a person sends an offensive message, an FIR can be filed against him and he can be jailed if necessary.


The videos taken by a couple during their relationship are later uploaded on social media by the lover after breakup. Messages maligning the girl on the social media to give vent to anger are being circulated frequently. On the one hand when incidents of women’s image being maligned on social media are increasing, the number of sextortion cases, where men are blackmailed, are also increasing in Pune.


The Pune cyber police had received 1,514 complaints in 2021. These complaints include cases of creating fake profiles on Instagram and Facebook, sending obscene messages and stealing of information. Two hundred and sixty three cases of cheating after sending friend requests on Facebook and becoming friends, have been reported. Six hundred and eighty two cases of sextortion after making nude video calls and 465 plaints of posting obscene messages after hacking Facebook profiles have come to light.


The Pune cyber police had received 4,357 complaints a year ago. Of them, 1,474 complaints were pending. Of them, there were 466 complaints of obscene comments on WhatsApp, 12 plaints of posting mobile numbers on social media, 48 complaints of obscene and abusive videos being uploaded on social media, 73 cases of obscene emails and 144 complaints of defamatory videos being uploaded on social media. Apart from this, there are six complaints of fake messages about the corona epidemic, 314 messages of tarnishing reputation, 10 cases of obscene behaviour on Zoom meeting, 88 cases of fake email IDs, 80 cases of comments hurting religious sentiments and cases of morphing.


If a person is posting obscene comments and vulgar photos on social media, a case can be registered against him under the IT Act and action can be taken. As per section 66 A of the IT Act, there is a provision of punishment for making false and objectionable comments, if any person is sending photos or videos without your permission and if it involves harassment, danger, insult or creating enmity between two groups, then there is a provision of three years’ punishment and fine.


Senior PI DS Hake of Pune cyber cell said that a person should care that he is not insulting anyone while commenting on social media. A person may be punished and sent to jail for posting an objectionable comment.


This can affect a person’s career and hence, a person should behave responsibly while commenting on social media. People should avoid posting messages which create rifts between two communities, he said.


If people come across some objectionable comments on social media, then they should take a screenshot and inform the nearest police station, he said.


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