Pune Dams Water Level | Pune’s Thirst Quenched: Increased Water Levels in Dams Bring Hope for Residents


Pune: Pune Dams Water Level | For the past three to four days, heavy rain has been showering down on various districts of the state, bringing much-needed relief from the scorching heat. Pune, too, is experiencing cloudy weather since this morning, with the water level in the reservoir supplying water to the city rising due to the continuous rainfall over the last few days.

While the citizens of many districts are rejoicing in the respite from the heat, Punekars are eagerly waiting for substantial rains to arrive in their city. There is hope that the rainfall in the surrounding areas of Pune may help alleviate the water problem faced by some residents.

In the last 24 hours until 5 pm yesterday, around 1 TMC of water has accumulated in the Khadakwasla dam chain, and 50% i.e. an impressive 5.34 TMC of water has been recorded in Panshet Dam.

Status as of 21 July 2023 at 5 PM

Dam Name / Total Capacity (TMC) / Useful Water Storage (TMC) / Percentage

Khadakwasla- 1.97/ 1.19/ 60.26

Panshet- 10.65/ 5.34/ 50.14

Varasgaon- 12.82/ 6.12/ 47.73

Temghar- 3.71/ 1.16/ 31.31

Total capacity of four dams – 29.15 TMC

Today’s total usable water storage – 13.81 TMC / 47.37 percent

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