Pune: Drug Mafia Sandeep Dhunia’s girlfriend Sonam Pandit also involved in the drugs racket


Pune: Investigations have revealed that mastermind Sandeep Dhuni’s girlfriend Sonam Pandit was also involved in the drugs racket that was busted in the city. The police suspect that Dhunia might have procured SIM cards in his girlfriend’s name. Now, her role will also be probed.

One of the biggest drug rackets was busted in the city recently. The police are trying to go to the roots of the case. Around Rs 3,500 crore worth drugs were seized in the city. The police also came to know the kingpin behind the ring. However, Sandeep Dhunia escaped to Kuwait via Nepal.

He has a British passport. Dhunia wanted to open a drugs factory in Nepal too. This was revealed by the police.

The police traced his girlfriend Sonam Pandit, who could know more about Sandeep. She will be interrogated soon. Both had taken a flat on rent in Pune. Sandeep used to stay with her in Pune.

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