Pune: Electric Vehicle Distributor Deceived by Two Fraudulent Companies; Lodged Complaint at Chinchwad Police Station


Pune: In a startling revelation, a case of deceptive practices has come to light, as Yogesh Suresh Sethia, a 50-year-old resident of Chinchwadgaon, filed a complaint (G. Reg. No. 23/24) at the Chinchwad Police Station. The complaint alleges fraudulent activities by Green Fuel Alternative Private Limited and Exerwell Private Limited, exposing a pattern of deceit against the plaintiff.

According to police reports, Sethia is the owner of Reyansh EV and was approached by Green Fuel Alternative, an Andhra Pradesh-based company with an office in Erandwane. The company, which manufactures two-wheelers and three-wheelers under the brand name Eco Tejas and is led by directors Venkatesh Teja and Shreyal Thackeray, claimed their vehicles were low-speed electric vehicles exempt from RTO permissions.

Sethia, enticed by the prospect of dealing in these supposedly legal electric vehicles, invested in a showroom and purchased two and three-wheeler vehicles worth Rs 7 lakh and 85 thousand. However, upon inspection, it was discovered that the vehicles exceeded the claimed speed of 25 kmph, rendering them illegal for sale without RTO clearance. Sethia returned the vehicles and demanded a refund of Rs 29 lakh 69 thousand 224, including the expenses incurred for the business, but alleges that the company failed to comply.

This is not an isolated incident for Sethia, as he had previously lodged a complaint against Exerwell Private Limited, accusing him of similar fraudulent activities. The complaint contends that Sethia was duped of Rs. 20 lakhs by the Exerwell company.

As legal proceedings unfold, the Chinchwad Police have registered a case against Green Fuel Alternative Private Limited and its directors, Venkatesh Teja and Shreyal Thackeray. Additionally, a case has been filed against Exerwell Private Limited and its directors, Trilok Dharmaraj Yadav and Dharmaraj Kantaprasad Yadav.

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