Pune: Family Feud Erupts in Baramati: Ajit Pawar Rebukes Brother Shrinivas Pawar During Party Meet (Video)


Pune: Yesterday, while speaking in a functionary meeting of NCP activists, Ajit Pawar issued stern warnings to his siblings, warning them about possible consequences if he started speaking against them. After this, much uproar has erupted in Baramati, which, for the first time, has been witnessing such personal and scathing attacks between the Pawar family.

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar got furious yesterday while speaking at a functionary meeting of NCP activists in Baramati. He criticised his own brother Shrinivas Pawar, nephew Yugendra Pawar, and sister-in-law for publicly campaigning against him in Baramati. Taking jibe at them, Ajit Pawar said, “My own siblings are now speaking against me. When I was campaigning for me, they never appealed for me. And now, suddenly, they are standing against me.”

Surprisingly, during this meeting, Ajit Pawar also threatened his brother, saying if he started speaking against him, he would face difficulty in publicly roaming in Baramati. “Do not say anything, just because I am not speaking against you. If I open my mouth, many of you will not be able to walk among people,” warned Ajit Pawar.

Ajit Pawar further said that this is all temporary. Once the election gets over, everyone will go to foreign countries, as they love to go there often, and only I will remain to do your work, signalling that he is the only one who will solve people’s questions in the coming time.

Earlier, a few days ago, Ajit Pawar’s brother, Shrinivas Pawar, while interacting with the villagers in Katewadi, Baramati, criticised Ajit Pawar. He told people about his long-standing support for Ajit Pawar until he decided to separate from the family.

Shrinivas Pawar said, “In every decision of Ajit, I supported him. I never questioned him. However, when I tried to convince him about not standing in Baramati for Lok Sabha, he did not listen to me. I also recalled to him the help Sharad Pawar has given us during our difficult time. But he did not listen.”

He further added that some people in the village said to me that Sharad Pawar has become old now and Ajit Pawar is the future for some time to come. However, he condemned such thoughts, saying he believed that someone who forgets the contribution of someone who has helped us in our difficult time, there is no worthless person like him in this world, taunting Ajit Pawar.

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