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Pune: In a bizarre turn of events, a missing person report filed by a worried father has snowballed into a child marriage and fraud case, leading to the arrest of both the girl’s father and her young boyfriend.

The episode began when the girl’s father, claiming his 14-year-old daughter had been abducted, approached the Vadgaon Maval police station. Police diligently launched a search and eventually traced the girl with her boyfriend. To everyone’s astonishment, the couple was already married and had maintained physical relations with each other.

While this revelation should have brought closure to the missing person case, it instead unravelled a web of deceit. As per the girl’s father’s account, she was still a minor, making the marriage illegal under the Prevention of Child Marriage Act.

However, the boyfriend presented the girl’s Aadhaar card, which surprisingly showed her date of birth as May 15, 2005, making her an adult according to legal documents. This seemingly contradictory information left the police baffled and prompted further investigation.

Upon questioning the girl, the truth came to light. The actual date of birth on her Aadhaar card was a carefully crafted fabrication; her real birthdate was December 15, 2008, confirming her minor status.

The shocking twist exposed the girl’s father as the mastermind behind the deception. He had created a fake Aadhaar card for his daughter, enabling her to elope and marry her boyfriend in Kolhapur, relying on the false document for verification.

As a result, the boyfriend now faces charges under the Prevention of Child Marriage Act for marrying a minor based on a fraudulent document. Additionally, the girl’s father finds himself in the crosshairs of the law, facing a separate lawsuit for defrauding the government by creating a fake Aadhaar card.

Police Inspector Kumar Kadam is currently investigating the father’s motive behind this elaborate scheme and any potential lapses in security and verification protocols that allowed the fake Aadhaar card to go undetected.

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