Pune Crime News | Investors Demand Swift Action Against Fraudulent Couple Defrauding Crores
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Pune: A case of financial fraud has come to light in Khadki, Pune, spanning from August 2021 to May 2023. The Khadki police have taken swift action, registering a case against five individuals accused of orchestrating the deceitful scheme, preying on the hopes and aspirations of job seekers.

The complaint, filed by Sandeep Baban Indalkar, a resident of Raghukulnagari, Aundh Road, Khadki, at the Khadki Police Station, outlines a troubling incident of exploitation and deception. The accused, identified as Dhananjay Laxman Karkhanis, Tushar Dhananjay Karkhanis, Rohit Dhananjay Karkhanis, Nutan Dhananjay Karkhanis, and Shravani Debnath, stand accused of duping Mr. Indalkar and nine others through promises of lucrative employment opportunities.

According to the police report, the accused Dhananjay and Tushar Karkhanis allegedly solicited Rs 1 lakh 87 thousand from Mr. Indalkar, citing a purported need for financial assistance to secure a job for Rohit Karkhanis. However, the promised returns failed to materialise within the stipulated timeframe. Subsequently, the complainant was enticed into depositing a staggering sum of Rs 16,63,000 into Rohit’s bank account, purportedly to facilitate his daughter’s employment at Coal India Company.

Further, in October 2021, Rohit Karkhanis allegedly coerced Mr. Indalkar and his daughter into providing fingerprints on a blank document under the guise of formal job registration procedures. This elaborate ruse extended beyond the confines of a single victim, as nine other unsuspecting candidates were similarly ensnared with promises of employment opportunities.

The accused preyed upon the vulnerabilities of their victims, soliciting funds under various pretexts, including purported expenses for video conferences, flight tickets, and accommodations. Shockingly, the total sum extorted from Mr. Indalkar and the other victims amounted to a staggering Rs 59,68,500.

After that, the accused furnished false and forged medical documents, adorned with the logo of Coal India Company, to further perpetuate the illusion of legitimacy. After the complaint filed by the plaintiff, the Khadki police have initiated a thorough investigation into the matter.

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