Pune: Gangster Nilesh Ghaiwal recently came in the limelight again after he reportedly met Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. A gang war had triggered in the Kothrud area when two rival gangs led by criminal Gajanan Marne and goon Nilesh Ghaiwal clashed to establish their hold in the area.

Ghaiwal was once a close friend and trusted aide of Gajanan Marne. Later, the Marne gang held sway over the city, including Kothrud, and Mulshi taluka. Marne and Ghaiwal recruited many youths in their gang.

The Marne gang started making land deals. It earned crores of rupees as brokerage and extortion and it expanded. Gang members used to respect both Marne and Ghaiwal. A hidden tussle was going on between the two over one-upmanship and finances. Finally, both clashed and there was a vertical rift in the gang. Ghaiwal built his own syndicate.

Serious crimes such as murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping and extortion have been registered against Ghaiwal, who started establishing his hold in the city. Hardened criminals from both gangs began attacks in broad daylight. This led to three murders.

The police acted strictly against both gangs. A leader from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) tried to reconcile between the warring gangs. This halted the war between the two groups.

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