Pune: Health Minister Tanaji Sawant exerted pressure for an illegal tender and took action by reviving an old Zilla Parishad case to suspend me, alleged Health Officer Dr. Bhagwan Pawar in a letter to the Chief Minister. However, even before this letter was received, news about this issue was published in newspapers, tarnishing the state government’s image. Citing this, the state government has issued a show-cause notice to Dr. Pawar.

Dr. Pawar stated that he had submitted a copy of the allegations regarding Minister Tanaji Sawant’s pressure and suspension action to the government through the prescribed channels on May 24. However, since May 25 and 26 were Saturday and Sunday, public holidays, the statement reached the government on May 27. Despite this, news about Dr. Pawar’s statement was already published in the media and newspapers, and many public representatives posted about it on social media, defaming the government, as mentioned in the notice. The notice accuses Dr. Pawar of providing this statement to the media himself, thereby violating Rules 3 and 9 of the Maharashtra Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1979.

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