Pune: Historic Crackdown on Crime in Pune City! Commissioner Ritesh Kumar Takes Action Against 100 Serial Criminals in City


Pune: Pune Police Commissioner, Ritesh Kumar, has launched a relentless crackdown on criminal activities within the city, invoking stringent legal measures to curb the rising menace. Since assuming office, Commissioner Ritesh Kumar has taken swift action under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA), Fugitive Act, and the Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities (MPDA) Act to eradicate crime and instill a sense of security among the residents.

In the latest action, Commissioner Ritesh Kumar has ordered the arrest of notorious criminal Raju Hanumant Gaikwad, 39, a resident of Ganganagar, Hadapsar, under the MPDA Act. Gaikwad, with a long history of seven serious crimes registered against him in the last four years, is accused of terrorising the Hadapsar area. This marks the first time in the history of Pune Police Commissionerate that such effective action has been taken by Police Commissioner against criminals in such a short span.

The Commissioner of Police has extended the crackdown to target a total of 100 serial criminals who have been identified as sources of terror within the city. These criminals, involved in various criminal activities, are now facing legal consequences under the MPDA Act. Commissioner Ritesh Kumar, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining law and order, has ordered the incarceration of the accused Raju Hanumant Gaikwad in Kolhapur Central Jail for one year.

This milestone achievement is credited to the coordinated efforts of the police force, with Senior Police Inspector Ravindra Shelke of Hadapsar Police Station, Crime Branch’s PCB Senior Police Inspector Chandrakant Bedre, Senior Police Inspector Gajanan Pawar of Reading Branch, and other dedicated officers playing pivotal roles in executing the operations.

Commissioner Ritesh Kumar has set a precedent by conducting 100 operations against active and terror-inducing criminals within the first year of his tenure. These operations, carried out under the MPDA Act, have resulted in the incarceration of 100 accused in various jails across Maharashtra.

The Commissioner has directed all police stations to intensify surveillance on individuals involved in crimes against persons and property, emphasising the eradication of criminal activities that pose a threat to society. With a focus on crime control, Commissioner Ritesh Kumar aims to create a safer environment for Pune’s residents by dismantling criminal networks and ensuring swift justice.

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