Pune: Inmate Commits Suicide at Yerawada Jail, Investigation Underway


Pune: A tragic incident unfolded at Yerawada Jail on Monday morning as a 30-year-old inmate, identified as Mangesh Vitthal Bhor, reportedly took his own life by hanging himself within the prison premises. The reasons behind his suicide is remain unclear at the moment, prompting the jail administration to launch an inquiry into the matter.

Mangesh Bhor, a resident of Hivre, Taluka Junnar, District Pune, was incarcerated in Yerawada Jail following a case of attempted murder registered against him at Otur police station. He was sentenced a Judicial custody by a court, leading to his confinement in the prison.

According to prison officials, inmates were released for breakfast as per routine procedures when the distressing discovery was made. Mangesh’s lifeless body was found hanging with a towel in the open space of the medical centre of the jail premise at around 8 a.m., raising immediate alarm among fellow inmates.

Upon being alerted by inmates, jail authorities swiftly responded to the scene, rushing Mangesh to the prison hospital for medical attention. Tragically, doctors declared him dead on arrival, indicating that he had passed away before receiving treatment.

The circumstances surrounding Mangesh Bhor’s decision to end his life remain shrouded in mystery, prompting authorities to initiate a thorough investigation. A case of sudden death has been registered at Yerawada police station.

It is learned that in a bid to bolster security measures and monitor activities within the prison premises, Yerawada Jail recently installed 812 CCTV cameras.

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