Pune: Jolt to BJP in Shirur, Atul Deshmukh to join NCP (SP); this is a teaser, the main movie is still to come: Dr Amol Kolhe (Video)


Pune: The BJP is likely to receive a big setback in the Shirur Lok Sabha constituency. It is said that BJP’s Khed-Alandi assembly Co-ordinator Atul Deshmukh is joing the NCP (SP) on Thursday. Sitting MP Dr Amol Kolhe has indicated that it is just a trailer, the main movie is still to start.

Atul Deshmukh resigned from all post of the BJP a couple of days ago by registering his displeasure over Khed MLA Dilip Mohite Patil and party’s policies.

Deshmukh will meet NCP (SP) president Sharad Pawar soon. Sources said that he would join the NCP (SP) formally after the meeting. Deshmukh said that he was resigning from the BJP due to Dilip Mohite Patil and bickering in the BJP. He announced that he was leaving the BJP.

Even after his resignation, the BJP is trying to placate Deshmukh. It is a big jolt to the BJP in the Shirur LS seat. Reacting to Deshmukh’s quitting of the BJP, Dr Amol Kolhe said, “Yeh to sirf trailer hai, picture abhi baki hain’ (this is only the teaser, the movie is still to come).”

More defections likely…

Dr Amol Kolhe said, “Sharad Pawar has such an influence over the people of Maharashtra. This is just the trailer, the movie is yet to come. Leaders joining the NCP (SP) from other parties is merely a teaser, the main film has still not started. The entire Maharashtra is rallying behind Sharad Pawar and Uddhav Thackeray.”

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