Pune Landslide | Fatal Landslide at Irshalgad Claims Several Lives, Government Launches Inspection Drive In Maval Taluka


Raigad : Pune Landslide | In the wake of a tragic landslide at Irshalgad near Khalapur in Raigad district, the government has been jolted into action. Following the unfortunate incident that claimed several lives, the authorities have sprung into action to inspect vulnerable villages in Maval taluka.

On Thursday, Maval Tehsildar, along with government officials, conducted inspections in eight high-risk villages as per the government’s directive. The focus is on identifying dangerous areas and taking immediate measures to ensure the safety of citizens. The villages that were inspected include Taje, Lohgad, Boraj Tung, Malwadi, Mau Gabalevasti, Mau Mormachi Wadi, Bhushi, and others.

Tehsildar Vikram Deshmukh emphasized the need for vigilance in Maval as certain areas have been deemed dangerous. The residents of such areas were duly informed, and arrangements have been made to relocate some families to nearby schools for their safety. An administrative control room has been set up to coordinate response efforts during emergencies. In case of any calamity, Sarpanches, Police Patils, or Talathi circles have been instructed to report immediately to the control room.

With the monsoon season in full swing, Maval taluka is experiencing heavy rainfall, leading to increased water levels in dams and rivers. The region attracts numerous tourists who often venture into the water without realizing the risks involved. Tragically, there have been several deaths due to unforeseen water surges.

In light of these hazards, Tehsildar Vikram Deshmukh issued an appeal to the public, urging them to exercise caution and avoid venturing into areas susceptible to landslides. With the entire government machinery on high alert, the authorities have stressed that vigilance will be maintained until the end of the monsoon season to ensure the safety of all citizens.

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