Pune Mahavitaran News | Bounced Cheques Create Financial Burden for Electricity Consumers in Pune Circle


Pune : Pune Mahavitaran News | In the Pune circle of the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL or Mahavitaran), a concerning trend has emerged as around 6,500 customers from the low-pressure category have been experiencing bounced cheques every month when paying their electricity bills. As a result, these customers are burdened with a total of ₹48.75 lakhs in Bank Administration Charges, along with a quarter percent delay charge.


Every month, approximately 98,500 to 99,000 electricity consumers in the Pune circle make cheque payments totaling around ₹119.5 crore. Unfortunately, around 6,000 to 6,500 customers face the unfortunate circumstance of their cheques, amounting to approximately ₹4.65 crore, bouncing due to various reasons. The majority of these bounced cheques, around 4,500, occur in Pune city, while approximately 1,000 cheques bounce in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Mulshi, Velhe, Haveli, Ambegaon, Junnar, Khed, and Maval talukas.


The reasons for dishonoured cheques include mistakes in dates, names, signatures, fraud, and insufficient funds in the respective accounts. These customers are then charged penalty amounts and late fees. In the subsequent month’s electricity bill, Mahavitaran warns that a Bank Administration Charge of ₹750 for each bill and a half percent late charge will be levied as additional charges.



Convenient Online Payment Options

The Pune circle boasts the highest number of electricity consumers who opt for online bill payments. Around 20 lakh low-pressure consumers in the Pune circle conveniently and securely pay electricity bills totaling ₹600 crore through online platforms each month. The option of Electronic Clearance System (ECS) allows customers to pay their bills directly through their bank accounts. Consumers are offered a total discount of 1.25 percent for paying their bills online, including 0.25 percent for monthly bills up to ₹500 and an additional 1 percent for prompt payments. Online bill payment is free except when using a credit card.



Encouraging a Shift in Payment Methods

Chief Engineer of the Pune Circle, Rajendra Pawar, has urged consumers to embrace online payment methods or Electronic Clearance System (ECS) instead of cheques. Previously, the limit for bill payments through RTGS or NEFT was set at amounts exceeding ₹10,000. However, this limit has now been reduced to a minimum of ₹5,000. Consequently, customers with bills exceeding ₹5,000 are provided with the bank account details of Mahavitaran on their electricity bills




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