Pune Mahavitaran News | Load shedding likely in MIDC Chakan due to malfunctioning of power transformer


PUNE : Pune Mahavitaran News | A shortfall of 10 to 15 mw power has been created because a power transformer of 50 MVA capacity is malfunctioning at the 400 KV high power sub centre of MSEDCL at Chakan. Hence, MSEDCL is making efforts on war footing to manage the electricity supply. However, due to the increased demand for power, if required, load shedding will have to be carried out in Chakan MIDC.


There are three power transformers of 50 MVA capacity at the 400 KV high power sub centre of MSEDCL at Chakan. From here, 110 MW power is supplied to Chakan MIDC. One of the transformers developed a fault after Thursday midnight. When it was checked, it was found that it was completely out of order. Later, the MSEDCL is trying to install a new power transformer. However, the work is likely to be completed by June 6.


Meanwhile, there is extra load on the remaining two power transformers. At present, the demand for power has increased and MSEDCL is making herculean efforts to prevent load shedding of 10 to 15 MW. If required, load shedding will be carried out at power lines at Nanekarwadi, Kuruli, MIDC, Sara City, Force Motors, Chimbli, Alandi Phata and Khaumbre in a systematic manner. There are 74 high power and 3,850 low power (domestic, commercial and industrial) consumers totalling 3,924 customers. MSEDCL has appealed to customers to cooperate if load shedding is carried out.


In Chakan, there was heavy rain accompanied by lightning on Thursday evening. The hoardings flexes put up at various places fell on electricity cables and power supply of 46,000 customers was affected. The power supply of 90 per cent of customers was disrupted because of hoardings and the remaining 10 per cent due to falling of big trees and branches on cables.


MSEDCL officials were continuously busy removing the flexes and repairing the power cables. Till 3 am on Friday, the electricity supply of all consumers was restored in a phase wise manner.


However, due to the flexes falling on the power cables, domestic, commercial and industrial consumers were affected with disruption in power supply.


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