Pune Metro | Puneri Metro Work to Resume Soon As Traffic Police Give Green Signal For Barricading
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Pune: Against the backdrop of persistent appeals from citizens and political leaders urging the extension of the metro line from Ramwadi to Pune airport, progress has hit a standstill. Maha Metro, in a recent clarification, asserted the infeasibility of constructing a metro line directly to the airport. However, the organisation also hinted at future considerations, indicating a potential alternative route to connect the airport.

Pune Metro service is now being extended to Ramwadi. Therefore, Punekars raised their demands for extending a metro line further to the airport. In this regard, the Deputy Chief Minister and Pune’s Guardian Minister, Ajit Pawar, had also instructed the Maha Metro officers to check the feasibility of the proposal.

However, after a thorough study, Maha Metro said that a direct extension of the metro from Ramwadi to the airport is not possible. Officials of Maha Metro clarified that early planning is necessary to make any changes in the direction and diverging routes of metro services. Once a metro line is completed, there are restrictions on its further expansion.

Therefore, it is decided to cancel the proposal of a diversion of the metro line from Ramwadi to the airport for now, which is just two kilometres away from the last stop of the metro. While saying this, metro officials also propose to search for a new route that will go directly to the airport.

It has been learned that steps have been taken to start a feeder service by PMPML for passengers to reach the airport from Ramwadi station. Along with this, discussions are also going on with the rickshaw associations to start a rickshaw service from Ramwadi station to the airport. Maha Metro is now considering other transport options to alleviate the problems of passengers travelling to and from the airport.

Shravan Hardikar, Managing Director of the Maha Metro, said that the extension of the Pune Metro to Pune Airport cannot be done now. The Metro route from Ramwadi to the airport is not possible. Because once a metro line is constructed, it cannot be changed. He also said that plans are going on to start a new route to Pune airport in the future.

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