Pune MNS: MNS City Unit Chief Sainath Babar keeps mum after being asked whether he wants to contest Pune LS election


PUNE:  Policenama online – MNS Chief Raj Thackeray is now preparing for Lok Sabha polls. After the inauguration of MNS LS office in Baramati, a meeting of party activists is being held in Pune. The party has organised a two-day programme in Pune. Hence, it is being said that the party is preparing for the Lok Sabha poll. On Thursday, MNS leader Vasant More said at the inauguration of the party office in Baramati that he was interested in contesting the LS poll from Pune. However, a question is being raised whether MNS City Unit Chief Sainath Babar is ready to accept this.

Factionalism is not new to MNS and many party leaders are against Vasant More. Vasant More had opposed the stance taken by Raj Thackeray on the use of loudspeakers at the mosques. Later, the party became riddled with factionalism.

Some leaders had opposed Vasant More by saying that Raj Thackeray’s decision was final. Hence, Raj Thackeray had appointed his close friend Sainath Babar as the city unit chief and sidelined Vasant More. The latter had voiced his opinion about being backstabbed by a friend. Now, it remains to be seen whether More’s disappointment will vanish.

MNS Chief Raj Thackeray inaugurated the party’s Baramati LS office on Thursday. Vasant More said that if he gets the candidature of Pune LS seat, he would make attempts to unfurl MNS flag at the Lok Sabha. However, questions are being raised whether More would get a LS ticket.

The names of many candidates are doing the rounds as likely candidates for Pune LS seat. Many of them are office-bearers who have been with the party for many years. However, only two names are on everyone’s mind i.e. Vasant More and Sainath Babar. Sainath Babar is the city unit chief of MNS. “Since I am the city unit chief, the city’s responsibility rests with me. Hence, I am going to be given the responsibility for Pune. We will work for the party’s candidate,” he said. When asked whether he was interested in contesting the LS poll from Pune, he refused to reply. Hence, it is being speculated that Babar may take a step back to pacify his party colleague and friend Vasant More. Hence, only time will tell whether Vasant More’s friend will become his staunch supporter.

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