Pune: Mundhwa Police’s alertness reunites victim girl with her family in Karnataka


Pune: The Mundhwa Police beat marshals searched for a victim girl, who was kidnapped from Vijaynagar, Maysuru in Karnataka. They handed her over to the police and her family. The victim’s family thanked the Mundhwa Police for the safe reunion with their daughter due to the alertness displayed by the Mundhwa Police beat marshals.

The victim’s family had lodged a complaint at the Vijaynagar Police station. The Vijaynagar Police passed on the details about the girl to the Mundhwa Police that she was in the BT Kawade Road area in Ghorpadi Gaon. Realising the seriousness of the matter, Senior PI Mahesh Bolkotgi instructed beat marshals Vijay Mane and Kiran Bansode to search for the girl in the Ghorpadi area.

Mane, Bansode and a cop from the Mysuru Police Station visited Sumitra Corner in Ghorpadi and took details about the girl. After confirming her location, they took her custody and brought her to the Mundhwa Police Station. Following legal procedures, the victim girl was safely handed over to the Mysuru Police and her relatives.

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