Pune: Murlidhar Mohol Engages in Strategic Outreach with Renowned Young Entrepreneur Punit Balan as Mohol Attempts to Woo Balan’s Fanbase in Coming Election


Pune: In the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, many candidates from across the party meet different political leaders, businessmen, and celebrities to attract their support and their fan base towards them. In this, Pune’s Mahayuti’s official candidate, Murlidhar Mohol, has had a goodwill meeting with famous young entrepreneur and social activist Punit Balan.

Punit Balan wields a significant influence in Pune’s socio-political atmosphere. Apart from being the Trustee and Head of Celebrations of Shrimant Bhausaheb Rangari Ganapati Trust, Punit Balan has done tremendous work in Pune’s social, cultural, sports, and education fields. Because of his noteworthy works among Pune’s Ganpati Mandals, Navratri Mandals, and Dhol-Tasha Mandals, Punit Balan has a separate fan base among youths.

Having a clear idea about Punit Balan’s fandom, Murlidhar Mohol met him today along with many activists. Notably, Murlidhar Mohol also shared a good relationship with Punit Balan, as they both did a good job together while working for Punekars during the Corona pandemic, when Murlidhar Mohol was the mayor of the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Murlidhar Mohol’s visit to Punit Balan is of great significance considering the large number of supporters of Punit Balan in Pune. Along with the Ganpati Mandal’s, Punit Balan also extended his helping hand to many schools and colleges through the Indrani Balan Foundation. Through this platform, he gave thousands of scholarships to bright, underprivileged students.

One more reason for Punit Balan’s popularity among youths is his active support in organising various activities for Ganpati Mandal’s workers in the city. Among this are the recently completed ‘Friendship Cup’, where activists of various Ganpati Mandal’s in Pune and press media persons took part in this competition, breathing a sigh of relief from their daily exhausting lifestyle.

Therefore, it is said that the recent meeting between Murlidhar Mohol and Punit Balan is anticipated to bear fruitful electoral outcomes for Mohol in the upcoming election

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