Pune NCP | Pune City NCP Stands Firm: Sharad Pawar Leads NCP’s Unity Efforts Amid Factionalism


Pune: Pune NCP |  Two factions have emerged within the NCP in the state on Sunday, July 2. NCP leader Ajit Pawar has formed his own separate group and accompanied his MLAs to Raj Bhavan. Subsequently, nine individuals from Ajit Pawar’s group were appointed as ministers in the Eknath Shinde government.


In response to these developments, Sharad Pawar himself has entered the scene and embarked on a state tour to strengthen the party. Meanwhile, a meeting of the Pune City NCP Congress took place on Tuesday to decide which group should attend. The meeting condemned the BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for dividing the party. The city executive decided to align with MP Sharad Pawar, expressing their solidarity. NCP’s state meeting is scheduled to be held in Mumbai on July 5, and the Pune City delegation will participate to show their support for Pawar.


City officials were urged to collect and submit the affidavits related to an ongoing legal battle. Prashant Jagtap, NCP Pune City President, emphasized the importance of avoiding allegations or criticism against Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar or any other leader. Official channels should be used for social media messages, and rumors should not be believed.


Jagtap also clarified that he holds the contract for the NCP office in Pune, ensuring that there is no question of a takeover. He asserted his right to file a police complaint if anyone attempts to seize the office.


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