Pune News | A Protest against the violence faced by the Women in Manipur was held at Jantar Mantar, Delhi by the Pune Unit of Nationalist Congress Party

Pune: Policenama online  – Pune News | Manipur which is an inseparable part of this country has been facing tensions due to a rift between two communities. A huge loss to the properties has been witnessed due to the unending violence. Women are facing atrocities on a daily basis. The Central Government is rather silent on this issue. Even though people have lost lives in thousands the Prime Ministers fail to find time to go to Manipur. Just a few days ago when the Prime Minister was in pune to receive an award the Pune Unit of the Nationalist Congress Party had held a protest but by using the police force the protestors were not allowed to demonstrate their protest in front of Narendra Modi, hence the people of Pune showed that if their voice are suppressed here in Pune they can also reach Delhi and make their voices heard.This protest held in Leadership of Mr. Prashant jagtap (City president, Pune city Ncp). (Pune News)

He says that “The people of this country will not support the wrong doings of such manner” , so a huge crowd had gathered at Jantar Mantar to protest and while doing so slogans such ‘ Dhikar Aso Dhikar Aso ‘, ‘ Man ki Nahi Manipur ki Baat Karo ‘, etc engulfed the surroundings of Jantar Mantar.

At this time MP. Supriyatai Sule, Mohamad Faizal, Prashant Jagtap, Faujia Khan, Dheeraj Sharma, Sushma satpute, kishor kamble, Deepak kamthe, Javed Inamdar, Ajinkya Palkar, Udya Mahale, Vandana modak, Anita Pawar and several office bearers were present.

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