Pune News | Ajit Pawar's Staunch Supporter Baburao Chandere Beat-up a Rickshaw Driver, Video Goes Viral
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Pune: Pune News |  A video capturing an altercation between a rickshaw driver and Baburao Chandere, a staunch supporter of NCP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, has gone viral on social media. The incident has become a hot topic of discussion in Pune’s political circles, drawing attention to the alleged aggressive behavior of the former standing committee chairman.

In the video, which has sparked controversy, Baburao Chandere is seen engaging in a heated exchange with the rickshaw puller. As the situation escalates, Chandere appears to raise his hand towards the driver, leading to claims of physical assault.

In response to the emerging video, Baburao Chandere has denied any involvement in physically attacking the rickshaw driver. Speaking about the incident, Chandere explained that the confrontation took place amidst heavy rainfall, resulting in a significant traffic jam at Sus Chowk. In an effort to ease the congestion, he claims to have been working tirelessly for several hours.

According to Chandere’s account, the rickshaw driver unexpectedly attempted to enter the congested area, potentially exacerbating the traffic situation. A verbal argument ensued between the two parties, with the rickshaw driver allegedly questioning Chandere’s actions. However, the NCP leader’s loyal colleague maintains that he did not resort to violence during the confrontation.

As the video continues to circulate on social media platforms, it has raised questions about the conduct of public figures and their responsibilities as representatives of the people. The incident has drawn public attention to the need for political leaders to demonstrate restraint and uphold a dignified demeanor, even in challenging circumstances.

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