Pune News | Ambegaon and Junnar Maha-e-Seva Centres Available on Weekends for Certificate


Pune : Pune News |  In a welcome move, 55 Maha-e-Seva Kendras(Centres) in Ambegaon and Junnar talukas have extended their working hours to cater to the needs of students seeking various certificates. These centers will now remain open on Saturdays, Sundays, and government holidays till the end of July. This initiative aims to ensure that students can obtain their required certificates in a timely manner, without any delays or inconvenience.

The decision to keep these centers operational on weekends and holidays was announced by Govind Shinde, the District Officer of Ambegaon and Junnar Division. He emphasized the importance of providing students with essential certificates, such as income certificates, caste certificates, non-criminal certificates, and economically backward class certificates, promptly and efficiently. These certificates are often required for college admissions and recruitment processes.


With around 55 Maha-E facility centers spread across Ambegaon and Junnar talukas, the availability of certificates has become more accessible to students in these areas. The Maha-E Suvidha Kendra operators have been instructed to ensure the smooth functioning of these centers during the extended working hours. The local administration has extended its support to facilitate the process and ensure efficient service delivery.


The impact of this decision was evident on Saturday, the 15th, when these Maha-E centers witnessed a significant influx of parents and students. Over 400 certificates were distributed on that day alone, highlighting the importance of this initiative for the community. Tehsildar Sachin Munde expressed his satisfaction with the increased efficiency and convenience brought about by the extended working hours.


By providing students with the opportunity to obtain their certificates on weekends and public holidays, the Maha-e-Seva Kendras in Ambegaon and Junnar talukas have demonstrated their commitment to serving the needs of the community. This initiative not only eases the burden on students but also showcases the dedication of the local administration to streamline administrative processes.



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