Pune News | City Health Department on High Alert as Dengue Season Approaches
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Pune : Pune News | The health department of the municipal corporation has been on high alert as the city enters the months of July and August, known for an increase in dengue cases due to the rise in rainfall. However, the current number of dengue patients in the city remains under control. In July alone, 66 suspected cases of dengue were detected, with 12 cases confirmed. Comparatively, the number of positive cases in July last year was 62.

It is worth noting that no dengue cases were reported in the months of April, May, and June this year. As the monsoon season progresses, the health department is taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. Dr. Suryakant Devkar, Assistant Health Officer of the Municipal Corporation, emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant and taking necessary measures to combat dengue.


In an effort to curb the breeding of mosquitoes, which are carriers of dengue, the health department has issued notices to 497 establishments and collected fines totaling Rs 1,15,400 this year. This proactive approach aims to create awareness and ensure compliance with preventive measures. Additionally, the health department has established dedicated teams at each field office level to address dengue-related concerns



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