Pune News | Compensation Awarded to Deceased Worker's Family
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Pune: Pune News | In a significant development, Labour Court Judge Rohini Kulkarni has ruled that the wife of a deceased worker, along with the compensation amount, should be duly paid in cases of accidental death. Additionally, the court has ordered that the funds allocated to minor children be deposited in fixed deposits to ensure their financial security.


The case revolves around the unfortunate demise of Santosh Makhar, who lost his life in a work-related accident. The company employing him has deposited a sum of Rs. 13,70,607 as compensation in the labor court. Makhar’s mother, wife, and children, represented by Adv. S. M. Dhangar, filed an application before the Labour Court seeking their rightful share of the compensation.


After reviewing the relevant documents, the court has taken a commendable step towards ensuring the family’s financial stability. As per the court’s order, a check amounting to Rs. 2,70,607 has been issued to the wife, with an additional sum of Rs. 2 lakh to be deposited in her name at a nationalized bank for a three-month period. Furthermore, a sum of Rs. 4 lakh each, in the name of the two minor children, must be held in a nationalized bank until they reach maturity. To assist with immediate financial needs, the court has also directed that a check of Rs. 1 lakh be given to Makhar’s mother.


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