Pune News | Dangerous Potholes on Chakan Talegaon Highway Raise Concerns for Motorists


Pune : Pune News | The deteriorating condition of Chakan Talegaon Highway has become a cause for concern among motorists, as numerous potholes pose a significant danger on the road. The accumulation of rainwater in these potholes makes it difficult for drivers to anticipate their presence, resulting in an increase in accidents. Frustrated citizens and motorists are now urging the administration to address the waterlogged areas and repair the treacherous potholes.


At the Chakan-Talegaon intersection, large pools of water have formed in several spots, while some side rails adjacent to the road have been severely eroded. Along the stretch between Chakan and Khalumbre, water has directly flooded the road at multiple locations. The absence of visible potholes due to the water accumulation makes it challenging for drivers to navigate safely. Many vehicles inadvertently collide with these hidden hazards.


Unfortunately, this road condition has become an annual occurrence, with significant potholes and persistent water accumulation. Puddles remain for several days after rainfall, inviting accidents and endangering motorists. In light of these issues, local residents and drivers are urging the administration to address the waterlogging problem and undertake necessary repairs to fix the potholes.


While plans to renovate the Chakan Talegaon highway were in place, encroachments along the road were temporarily removed between April and May. However, despite ongoing road work, the encroachments have resurfaced. The surge in vehicle traffic has created constant congestion, and the combination of narrow spaces and potholes has become a focal point for accidents.



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