Pune News | Excitement and Caution! Leopard Sighted near Sinhagad Fort


Pune : Pune News | Sinhagad, a beloved tourist destination in Pune, attracts a significant number of visitors, especially during the monsoon season. Thousands of tourists flock to this historic fort every day to enjoy its scenic beauty and explore its rich history. However, a recent development has urged tourists to exercise caution when visiting this popular spot.


The sighting of a leopard and its cub in the vicinity of Sinhagad has created a wave of excitement in the area. These remarkable photographs were captured from the bungalow of Dilip Yadav, former sarpanch of Ghera Sinhagad, who spotted the leopard in close proximity to the village.


As the monsoon arrives, many tourists relish the opportunity to trek or take leisurely walks at Sinhagad. To facilitate the transportation of tourists, the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMT) has announced the initiation of a bus service to and from Sinhagad. However, it is essential to note that Sinhagad is situated in a densely forested area that is home to numerous wild animals, including some potentially dangerous species. The recent confirmation of a leopard’s presence in Ghera Sinhagad has prompted the forest department to install warning signs along the route to the fort, cautioning tourists about areas prone to leopard sightings. It is important to highlight that there have been no previous reports of leopard sightings in this area.


The appearance of a leopard and its cub near Sinhagad fort has led to increased vigilance among both local residents and tourists. The forest department is closely monitoring the situation, and measures are being taken to address the concerns raised by the community. People residing in villages surrounding Sinhagad fort have been advised to remain cautious and alert.


The presence of leopards is not uncommon in certain parts of Pune district, such as Khed, Ambegaon, Junnar, and Shirur, which are known to be leopard-prone areas. However, the recent sighting near Sinhagad fort has caused some anxiety as the leopard has seemingly ventured closer to the city.


While this development has brought excitement to wildlife enthusiasts, it also highlights the need for increased awareness and safety precautions. Visitors to Sinhagad are now urged to exercise extra caution and be mindful of their surroundings. It is crucial to respect the wildlife and refrain from engaging in any behavior that could potentially disturb or harm the animals.


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