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Pune News | Flyover Construction to Ease Traffic Congestion at Katraj Junction

Pune News | Flyover Construction to Ease Traffic Congestion at Katraj Junction

Pune : Pune News | To alleviate the persistent traffic congestion at Katraj Junction, which serves as the southern entrance to the city, plans are underway for the construction of a flyover. This development has brought tremendous relief to the local residents, as it promises to ease the traffic woes that have long plagued the area.

The project involves the acquisition of approximately 1 acre of land near Katraj Junction, which will be obtained through compromise with the landowner. In exchange for this land, the owner has agreed to offer approximately 16 acres of land along the Katraj-Kondhwa road to the municipality. The municipal administration has proposed a payment of Rs 21 crore for the land acquisition, which will be facilitated through appropriate funding arrangements. With the acquisition of all the necessary spaces in this area, the roads will be straightened, ensuring a congestion-free experience for commuters within the next month.

The process of land acquisition for this space has been ongoing since 2005, facing obstacles due to changes in the development plan and the landowner’s legal challenges against the compensation offered by the municipal corporation. However, after 23 years, the vacant space is finally within reach. Municipal Corporation Additional Commissioner, Vikas Dhakne, has been instrumental in holding meetings with the landowners to negotiate a compromise and secure the land required for the project. The municipal commissioner has also expressed preparedness for the undertaking, signaling the imminent resolution of the long-standing problem.

Additionally, the construction of the flyover necessitated the closure of the road leading to Kondhwa, as certain pillars encroached upon the roadway. Consequently, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has been requested to provide the necessary space for the bridge work.

The need for this development arises from the fact that the Pune-Satara road intersects with the Fursungi to Pune-Bangalore national highway at Katraj Junction. The current road leading to Kondhwa from this junction is narrow, comprising a 6-meter S curve. Vehicles coming from the flyover are required to take an 80-degree turn to return to the main Satara road in Pune. Moreover, the presence of heavy vehicles in the area exacerbates the difficulty of making these turns. By acquiring this space, vehicles coming from Kondhwa can proceed directly to Katraj Junction via the bridge, eliminating the need for the challenging turns. This improvement will streamline traffic flow, reduce travel time, and ultimately ensure a congestion-free Katraj Junction.

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Pune News | Flyover Construction to Ease Traffic Congestion

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