Pune News | Haveli Police Takes Action! Vehicles Confiscated and Obstructing Traffic Finally Removed


Pune, Sinhagad Road: Pune News | After fifteen years of lying abandoned on footpaths along Sinhagad Road and open spaces near Abhiruchi Mall, the vehicles confiscated by Haveli Police have finally been removed. The clutter of impounded vehicles had been causing traffic obstructions and other issues for the residents in the area. Now, with the police administration taking cognizance of the matter, citizens have expressed satisfaction as the vehicles are being cleared.

For years, vehicles seized in various cases were left in open spaces near Abhiruchi Mall and on the footpaths due to the lack of space at the police station. As a result, bushes overgrew around these abandoned vehicles, and garbage accumulated, leading to an increase in mosquito infestations, causing inconvenience to the local residents.

Under the guidance of Pune District Superintendent of Police, Ankit Goyal, the Haveli Sub Divisional Police Officer, Bhausaheb Dhole, Haveli Police Station Incharge Officer, Anmol Mittal, and Police Naik, Sunita Mane, have initiated the process of clearing the vehicles from these locations.

Rajabhau Kamble, a resident, expressed relief, stating that the cluttered vehicles had been causing traffic disruptions for many days. Now, with the removal process underway, the area is expected to become more accessible and breathe freely.

The proactive action taken by the police administration has been welcomed by the citizens, as it addresses both the traffic issues and the environmental concerns related to the abandoned vehicles. With this development, the public hopes for a smoother and safer commute along Sinhagad Road.

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