Pune News | Lack of Proper Implementation of Speed Breaker Guidelines Poses Hazards for Drivers in Pune


Pune : Pune News |  Speed breakers are crucial tools to control traffic speed and ensure road safety. However, in Pune, the haphazard and unscientific installation of speed breakers has become a serious concern, posing significant risks to drivers and pedestrians alike. Despite guidelines set by the Indian Road Congress (IRC) and the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), speed breakers are being erected without adhering to standard criteria, leading to varying sizes, heights, slopes, and locations, causing bottlenecks on roads and raising safety concerns.

The Bombay High Court had previously taken cognizance of accidents caused by faulty speed breakers and issued orders to local bodies to address the issue. Following this, the PMC formed a committee consisting of traffic police, municipal officials, road experts, and NGO representatives to devise a policy regarding speed breakers. However, it appears that the implementation of the policy has not been carried out effectively, with many speed breakers not adhering to the specified criteria.

According to the PMC’s policy, speed breakers should be installed only after obtaining a no-objection certificate from the traffic police. Signboards must be placed in advance to alert motorists, and adequate lighting and drainage measures should be in place. The policy also calls for rumbler strips, thermoplastic paint, and cat’s eyes to enhance visibility and prevent accidents.

Unfortunately, the reality on the ground tells a different story. The lack of uniformity in speed breaker installation, combined with the absence of warning signs, has resulted in drivers encountering these obstructions without prior notice. As a consequence, they struggle to control their speed, leading to accidents and even spinal disorders.

The extent of the problem is concerning, with a vast network of roads spanning over 1,400 kilometers in Pune. The PMC acknowledges that it has no comprehensive data on the number of speed breakers or their scientific compliance. Each road appears to have a different size and length of speed breakers, indicative of the lack of standardization and proper oversight.

While the PMC claims to have recently started implementing the policy and erected a few standard speed breakers, the challenges persist. The authorities need to conduct a comprehensive survey to determine the number of speed breakers and their adherence to safety guidelines.

Experts and activists have expressed their disappointment in the PMC’s handling of the speed breaker issue. The formation of the expert committee was considered a positive step, but its approval of the policy without discussion raises questions about accountability and efficacy. Maintenance of speed breakers and regular inspections to ensure compliance are crucial aspects that have been neglected.

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