Pune News | Maharashtra-wide grand trade conference to be held in Pune


A joint meeting of all the organizations in the state for the first time, formation of a core committee

Pune : Pune News | Officials of all the major trade associations of Maharashtra gathered in Pune for the first time and in their joint meeting it was unanimously decided to hold a state level trade conference in Pune in October this year. It was also decided to set up a core committee to discuss various issues related to trade with the government.

The Poona Merchants Chamber organized a joint meeting of the major apex organizations of Maharashtra. Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce President Shri. Lalit Gandhi, President of FAM. Mr. Jitendra Shah, Chairman of COMET Shri. Mohan Gurnani, President of GROMA Mr. Sharad Maru, Senior Vice President of FAM Shri. Mr. Rajesh Shah, Kolhapur Chamber of Commerce’s Vaibhav Sawardekar, Director General of FAM Shri. Pritesh Shah, Mr. Sandeep Bhandari, Mr. Kishore Shah, Mr. Mr. Hemant Bhutta, Groma. Bhimjibhai Bhanushali, Shri. Amrit Jain, as well as former president of the chamber Pravin Chorbele, Deepak Bora, Ajit Setia, vice president Ajit Bora and executive members of the chamber were present.

In this meeting, mainly the changes to be done in the Agricultural Produce Market Committee Act, 1963 , as well as various difficulties in the trade of food grains were discussed. 

To discuss these issues with the government core committee of Mr. Lalit Gandhi, Mr. Jitendra Shah, Mr. Rajendra Bathia, Mr. Mohan Gurnani and Mr. Sharad Maru is formed.

It was also decided to form a sub-committee of the presidents of trade associations in 36 districts of Maharashtra. It was decided to hold a grand state-wide conference of all the traders of Maharashtra in Pune in the month of October to discuss and decide on various issues of the traders. attendees were welcomed by Secretary Raikumar Nahar and Joint Secretary Ishwar Nahar.

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