Pune News | MIDC Roads in Disarray! Potholes and Waterlogging Plague Chakan Area
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Pune: Pune News | Chakan, a prominent industrial area under the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), is facing severe road woes during the monsoon season. As the rains descend, the roads have transformed into a treacherous network of potholes and waterlogged stretches, causing immense inconvenience to factories, workers, and motorists alike. The deteriorating road conditions have sparked demands from stakeholders for immediate attention and action from the MIDC authorities.

Throughout Chakan MIDC, traffic jams have become a common sight, with roads inundated by rainwater and deep potholes further exacerbating the situation. Factory owners, workers, and drivers are struggling to navigate these challenging road conditions, leading to safety concerns and operational disruptions.

One of the most perplexing issues is the frequent need for road repairs in the area. Asphalt roads, which are meticulously maintained during the summer, seem to be washed away by the relentless monsoons. This raises questions about the quality of road construction and the lack of adequate measures to withstand heavy rainfall.

Regrettably, the scarcity of pothole-free roads plagues the entire Chakan MIDC region. Neglected drains compound the problem, as rainwater accumulates on the roads, making driving a risky proposition. Several factories release wastewater onto the streets, adding to the woes and further deteriorating road conditions. Moreover, some factories encroach on the roads and park their vehicles indiscriminately, compounding the difficulties faced by workers and motorists.

Another major issue that requires immediate attention is the unlicensed road digging that frequently takes place. Water lines and electricity cables are often laid, necessitating road excavation. However, after the work is completed, the roads are left unrepaired, causing accidents, vehicle damage, and increasing the risk of mishaps.

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