Pune News | PMC Fills 16,747 Potholes, Despite Progress Motorists Still Face Bumpy Rides


Pune: Pune News | As the monsoon deluges Pune, the city’s roads are riddled with potholes, causing immense distress to motorists and commuters. In response, the Road Department of the Municipal Corporation declared that they have filled 16,747 potholes across the city from June 1 to July 26. Today alone, 39 potholes were fixed in an effort to improve road conditions.

Earlier, the municipal corporation had assured residents that the roads would be in good condition during the monsoon season and had allocated a substantial budget of Rs 300 crore for the repairs. However, as the monsoon progresses, it has become evident that the progress has been slow, with only 48 km of roads completed so far.

The Road Department initiated tenders of Rs 2 crore each at various field offices under the pretext of maintenance and repair work. The objective was to provide immediate relief to citizens by filling the potholes, but unfortunately, this effort has fallen short. In fact, the relentless rain has caused the number of potholes on the roads to escalate.

Recently, Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar held a meeting with the road department officials and issued a directive to fill all potholes within seven days. Consequently, the road department intensified their efforts, but numerous potholes still persist in various areas.

According to the road department’s information, a staggering 17,193 potholes were reported in the city between June 1 and July 26. Out of this number, 16,747 potholes have been filled, leaving 444 potholes yet to be addressed. Despite claims by the administration that 90 percent of the potholes have been filled, potholes continue to plague every road.

Speaking on the matter, Additional Commissioner Vikas Dhakne stated, “Since June 1, we have managed to fill 16,747 potholes across the city. However, there are still some potholes remaining, and we are working diligently to address them. Our priority is to provide relief to the citizens as soon as possible.”

Amid the efforts to fix the potholes, a concerning video has gone viral, showcasing a contractor operating a road roller during heavy rainfall in front of a graveyard in Dhairi. Such practices raise questions about the quality and effectiveness of the repairs being conducted during the monsoon season.

In another instance, due to the ongoing construction of a flyover on Sinhagad road, potholes were temporarily filled with tarred material in the Manikbagh area. However, the heavy rains subsequently washed away these repairs, leading to numerous potholes and causing significant traffic disruptions. As a response, the administration took prompt action and repaired the road using paving blocks.

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