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Pune News | Pune Adjusts Consumption Habits Amid Tomato and Chilli Price Hike

Pune News | Pune Adjusts Consumption Habits Amid Tomato and Chilli Price Hike

Pune : Pune News | Inflation has wreaked havoc across the country, after tomatoes, ginger, coriander, green chillies have also started showing their colors. The recent surge in prices of tomatoes and chillies, reaching approximately Rs 140 and Rs 100 per kilogram respectively, has compelled everyone in Pune to make significant adjustments to their consumption patterns. The pinch of the inflation is felt more by small businesses.

A vendor known for his samosas and vada pav in Model Colony, Sushant Mane has now altered his offerings in response to the price hike. He can only afford to provide one chilli per serving. When customers request extra chillies, he regretfully declines, explaining that he needs to conserve them for future orders. As a substitute, he offers a highly spicy alternative known as ‘gunpowder’.

For households and businesses, the increased cost of tomatoes and chillies has posed substantial hurdles, making it more challenging to include these necessary elements in their meals. The current rates of Rs 140 and Rs 100 represent a significant increase over the prices of June, which were roughly Rs 40 and Rs 30 per kilogram, respectively.

Vegetable vendor Jaideep Saha notices a decline in clients buying large quantities of chilies as he moves through the Model Colony lanes. Sales of lemons have increased dramatically, possibly replacing tomatoes in some meals. Given the expensive price of purchasing them from the market and the subsequent spoilage that would harm him and his family, he expresses anxiety over potential losses if tomato and chilli supplies do not sell.

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Pune News | Pune Adjusts Consumption Habits Amid Tomato

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