Pune News | Pune: Gavran Chicken Becomes the Star of House-to-House Akhad Parties


Pune : Pune News | As the monsoon season brings the tradition of house-to-house akhad parties in the villages, food enthusiasts are indulging in delicious non-vegetarian meals with their friends. However, this year’s lack of monsoon rains has disrupted farm work, affecting the availability of fish and making Gavran chicken the sought-after choice for these special gatherings.


Gavran chicken, known for its distinct flavor and texture, has become increasingly popular among foodies for the Ashad party. As a result, the prices of Gavran chickens have skyrocketed in the market. Just before the start of Shravan, the price of Gavran chickens has risen from Rs 500-550 to as high as Rs 650 per chicken. Alongside Gavran chickens, Vanraj chickens are also in demand, fetching good prices.


In the past, goats were commonly used for this period, but with changing preferences and rising goat meat prices, Gavran chicken has emerged as the preferred choice. Food enthusiasts are planning feasts that include Gavran chicken biryani cooked in ghee, flavorful soups, juicy gravies, and special chicken vade. These traditional meals are complemented by chulivarchi bhakri, homemade delicacies that complete the gastronomic experience.


As the tradition of house-to-house akhad parties continues, the aromatic and succulent flavors of Gavran chicken are adding a special touch to the celebrations, delighting the taste buds of participants and reflecting the culinary richness of the region.


Chicken and Mutton Prices:

Goat Mutton : 720
Broiler Chicken : 240
Layer Chicken : 180
Gavran Chicken : 400-650
Vanraj Chicken : 550



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