Pune News | Pune: Tourist spot Dudhiware Khind in Lonavala is fraught with danger


Lonavala : Pune News | The Dudhiware Khind on Lonavala-Pawana Nagar-Paud road has been attracting tourists. However, it has become a risky spot.


A big tree at the entrance of the Khind (pass) is likely to collapse as the road has caved in on both sides. Local residents have brought this to the notice of the administration.


Though the tourist spot has become popular, there is no signage or warning about this danger. Unsuspecting tourists frolic and roam around the place carelessly. The danger of landslides can cause a major tragedy. Villagers have demanded that the administration should immediately look into this issue.


The Dudhiware Khind is located on the state highway near Dudhiware village towards Lohagad fort, Visapur fort and Pawana dam. It is eight km away from Lonavala. The pass is narrow at a height of 200 ft. There are big trees on both sides of the pass. Rainfall is high at this place as it is located at equidistance from Lonavala and Pawana dam. Minor landslides keep taking place at the Khind. Villagers are aware of this. However, tourists have no idea about the risk.


The area is under the jurisdiction of the state forest department. The PWD looks after the upkeep of the road passing through the area. The department has neglected the repair and maintenance of Dudhiware Khind area. Hence, it poses a risk to tourists.


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